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Our Simple Health Plan

We are very excited to announce the launch of our fantastic, simple health plan!

Most vets offer these – they include your annual vaccinations, year-round personalised parasite control (fleas, ticks, worms), and discounts on other routine procedures and items. It’s a great way of spreading and reducing the cost of the important routine healthcare of your pet.

As you would expect, our plan includes these things- but we thought we should go further. If you are ever worried about your pet’s health, we always want you to get in touch or come and see us. So our health plan includes UNLIMITED consultations with the vet – these can be online, via phone, or at the surgery.

So what’s included?

  • Free, unlimited consultations whilst subscribed to the plan.
  • All routine vaccinations (excludes rabies).
  • Personalised year-round flea, tick and worm treatment – top quality, prescription only products.
  • Nail clipping and anal gland emptying.
  • 10% off all other products and procedures, including medication, food, operations…

All for a simple monthly payment of £23.50 for dogs and £20.50 for cats!

We also have a plan especially for rabbits. This includes vaccination against Myxomatosis/VHD and year round worming, plus the other benefits of unlimited consultations and nail clipping. Just £11.50 a month!

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