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Our Fear Free Practice

From our layout, to our colour scheme; our kennel choices and consulting style, every little thing we do has been thought out to minimise stress. We’ve avoided colours that can be thought to exacerbate fear reactions in our waiting area, and cats have their very own seating area with relaxing sprays and blankets for you to use. Cat boxes can be stored up in their individual enclosed areas, well off the floor and away from prying doggy eyes. We also have  floor level slots for bunnies, to allow them to feel as secure as possible. We have plenty of space for any stressed animals to wait on their own, and chews for those dogs who need a distraction.

Our kennels are soundproofed, and our cattery is spacious with places to hide and climb. All equipment for the kennels and cattery is part of a colour coded system to minimise any cross over between the two.

We hope to provide further support in the way of scent work classes, run in the surgery itself to help those animals who already have a fear association with the smells and handling at the vets.

We only stock small microchips, we have biscuits at the ready and a whole host of techniques to help make your trip to the vet as peaceful as possible. Get in touch if you think we can help make things a little easier for your pet at the vet!

Our location in Wetherby provides on site parking, to minimise stress to you too – we all know relaxed owners have relaxed pets!

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